Learning Sessions

We offer learning sessions on a range of topics, the content of which is based on feed-back from members and the other SeniorNet learning centres.  For us to maintain the relevance of our learning sessions we need you to let us know if there are topics that you would like to undertake but which are not currently offered.  We don’t promise to meet all requests but we probably know who can.  You can see the topics we offer here.

General information

Learning Sessions are held at the Johnsonville Community Centre.  All iPad and iPhone learning sessions are held on Tuesday mornings in Room 3, all other learning sessions are held in the Trust Room on either Tuesday afternoons, or Wednesday mornings and afternoons.  




Morning sessions are held between 10am – 12 noon.  
Afternoon sessions are held between 1.00 – 3.00pm. 
Costs vary but will generally be $10 per learning session for programmed learning sessions, and $10 per hour for one-on-one tutoring. 

Details of the each month’s programme of learning sessions will be emailed to members and will be available on both the North Wellington SeniorNet and the Johnsonville Community Centre websites.

Please note that learning session bookings close three full working days before the learning session starting date.


Learning Sesson Requirements

You need to be a paid up member of North Wellington SeniorNet to take part in a North Wellington SeniorNet learning session.

It is important that you contact the tutor for the learning session you wish to take part in.  This discussion will ensure that a place is available, that you are clear on the content of the learning session, and that the learning session is appropriate for you.

You must pay the total cost of the learning session at the session.  If the topic requires more than one learning session the full fees must be paid beforehand or on the day of the first learning session.

For any particular learning session it may be useful for you to bring your own computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone.  Your tutor will advise you on this.

Open Sessions

An Open Session is held once a month in the Trust Room in the Johnsonville Community Centre on a Wednesday afternoon at 1.00 - 3.00pm.  All current and prospective members are welcome.  These sessions are free and no booking is required. A tutor or guest will give a short presentation on a topical subject.  It is also an  opportunity to use the SeniorNet tablets or computers, or you can bring your own portable devices if you have questions about their use.  You can discuss any brief questions/problems you may have with your technology or device.

Current Programme

Click here for the November 2019 programme.


All our tutors are volunteers and members of the Learning Centre.  If you have some knowledge of computer applications and programmes, and are willing to share your knowledge by becoming a volunteer tutor please let us know.