Learning Session Topics

Listed below are the topics currently offered by North Wellington SeniorNet

To see a more detailed description of each Learning Session, double click on the name of the Learning Session.  


Basic Computer Skills using Windows 10:  It is recommended that the Basic Computing Learning Session is completed and you have an elementary understanding of the workings of the computer before venturing onto one of the more advanced learning sessions.

Windows 10 Catch up:  Learning Session for those with some computing knowledge who want to refresh their knowledge, or who missed out on learning about Windows 10. 

Files and folders:  Learn where your files are and which files you should store away from your computer. 

Backing-up data:  An advanced session which includes creating a system repair disc, a system image and managing the back-up scheduler. 

Google search:  Learn how to effectively search the internet.

Security:  Learn how to work safely with Online technology, including electronic devices and their Applications.

Emails:  Covers sending, receiving and deleting emails, using drafts and maintaining contacts. Note: Emails on Smartphones are covered in Smartphone Learning Sessions

Cellphones and tablets/iPads

Introduction to Android Smart Phones and TabletsLearn how to use your Android devices.

Android Smart Phones and Tablets - Next StepsMake the most of your Android devices.

Introduction to iPhones and iPads Learn how to use your Apple devices.

iPhones and iPads - Next StepsMake the most of your Apple devices.

Microsoft products

Introduction to Word:  Learn the basics of Word.

Word - Next StepsMake the most of Word.

Introduction to ExcelLearn the basics of Excel and how to create a budget using a spreadsheet for updating.

Introduction to Power PointLearn how to make your own presentation of holiday photos with captions, music etc.

Introduction to Microsoft Access:  Learn how to use a popular database.


Internet BankingA learning session which helps you use Internet Banking – compiled by Westpac but refers to the other banks as well.

IRD:  Online Returns for Donations.

Trade MeLearn how to buy and sell on NZ's largest internet auction website.

Note: Family finances/spreadsheets can be covered in the Excel topic (above)

Video calling Apps

SkypeLearn about one of the ways you can talk to and see friends and relatives overseas - for free.

ZoomCovid-19 has influenced the way we communicate.  Learn how to use what is now the video communication platform of choice for family, friends and groups.  There is a free option and you don't even have to load the app to use Zoom.

FaceTimeFaceTime is a videotelephony product developed by Apple Inc that lets iPhone, iPad and Mac users easily make video calls to one another. FaceTime is available on supported iOS devices running iOS 4 and later versions.  It is also available on Mac computers that run Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later versions.

Social Media

Facebook:   An introduction to this popular social networking website.

WhatsApp:   An introduction to this easy-to-use, secure, messaging, video calling and VOIP service.


FaststoneLearn how to manage and edit your digital photographs. 

Note:  Managing photos (e.g. transferring them from phones to other devices can be covered in Smartphone Learning Sessions)


Introduction to Web design:  Help to create your own website.

Introduction to Programming:  Learn some basic programming.