Seniors helping seniors -         Learning technology together

SeniorNet is a community training network that supports and motivates people aged 50+ to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives.




About us

North Wellington SeniorNet began in 2013 thanks to the efforts of a small group of dedicated and hard working volunteers supported by other organisations and the Federation.


Like other Learning Centres, North Wellington SeniorNet is a self governing organisation under the auspices of the Incorporated Societies regulations.


Chair :  Peter Nalder
Deputy Chair:  John Seward
Treasurer:  Geoff Donovan
Secretary:  Judy Marbeck
Members: Elizabeth Barr,                                       Sandra Gaelic,  Jim Ng



About SeniorNet​

The concept of SeniorNet emerged in 1986 in the USA from a research project at the University of San Francisco.  The project’s aim was to determine if computers and telecommunications could enhance the lives of older adults. SeniorNet was first established in New Zealand in 1992.

SeniorNet brings older adults and technology together in a friendly, fun and stress-free way.  It's for people over the age of 50 who'd like to learn more about technology and what it can do for them.  Volunteer tutors, about the same age as their students, run small, well organised learning sessions, which not only introduce computers and surfing the Net, but also cover a vast range of topics.

Tutor training sessions are run by Learning Centres and are also conducted at Regional Meetings.

There are Learning Centres established throughout New Zealand.  Each is run by a management team who organize all aspects of their Centre.  A Federation of SeniorNet Societies was established in 2006 to support the learning activities of Centres with resources and funding.