Digital Photography Interest Group




When and where do we meet?

The Digital Photography Interest Group meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month,  1pm – 3pm,  in the Trust Room at the Johnsonville Community Centre.  The cost is $2.00.

No enrolment is required, if you are a member you can just ‘drop-in’.


Who can come?

All SeniorNet members are welcome, as are visitors who are considering becoming members.

Bring along your questions, your photographs (digital on a USB stick or printed), and/or your camera.


What do we do?

We discuss any and all things pertaining to photography including:

  • We look at different ways of ‘seeing’ subjects and photographing them.
  • We (gently and positively) critique each other’s photographs so we can improve our work.
  • ​We look at computer programmes (other than Photoshop) that can be used for photograph processing.
  • We discuss things like, what are ISO, shutter speeds, apertures and hyperfocal settings.
  • We can look at your camera and help you move on from just using ‘Auto’ settings.

Whether you use your Smartphone to take your photos or the latest DSLR, we would like to have you in our Group.