iPhone and iPad Interest Group




When and where do we meet?

The iPhone/iPad Interest Group holds a ZOOM meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 10am – 11am.  

An email with a link to the Zoom meeting will be sent the day before to our members who have told us they have an iPhone and/or iPad.  If you want to participate you should contact John on (04) 021 457 231 prior to the meeting.


Who can come?

All SeniorNet members are welcome.

NOTE:  This is not a group for beginners.  Please check out our iPhone/iPad Learning Sessions and attend them if you are not an experienced user.

It is helpful to have your charged-up iPhone or iPad at the ZOOM meeting.


What do we do?

Primarily, we share our knowledge of our Apple iPhones and iPads, enjoy learning more, and help each other get better at using the incredible power available in these devices that can better our lives. 

The Convenor will/may have a core topic for discussion within the Group.

Members are encouraged to bring along their own discussion topics. It might be something you came across while doing a particular function on your device, or a simple question.

Each of us use our devices slightly differently, so we all see and use different things, or the same things but in different ways. This Group is about sharing that knowledge.