Basic Computing

Using Windows 10



Duration and Cost:

1 x 2 hour session

Cost: $10.00



This learning session is intended as a first introduction to computers supplied with Windows 10 as the Operating system. The learning session will provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake more advanced learning sessions.


You will need to know:

You do not  need to have any  knowledge of computer's or have any previous technology experience. 


Learning Objectives:

The learning session covers these topics:
   •  What the critical parts are:
       •  Box or laptop screen, keyboard, pointing device (mouse or laptop equivalent).
   •  How to turn it ‘On’, ‘Off’ and put it ‘to sleep’.
   •  What happens during computer ‘start-up’.
   •  What an Account is and how to log-on if the computer requires log-on.
   •  How to open a simple application.
   •  Basic typing:
       •  Lower and Upper case.
       •  Use of Shift, Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, Enter, Backspace, Insert, Home, Delete, End and the four Arrow keys.
   •  Mouse functions:  Left and Right buttons, Cursor control and Cursor functions. 
   •  An overview of the Task bar.
   •  Minimise and Maximise/Restore Buttons.
   •  Sizing and Moving Windows.